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Foreign Material Alert- Newfoundland

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Bimbo Canada is conducting a voluntary recall on sliced bread baked at its St. John’s bakery as it may contain foreign material (glass pieces).  The affected products are loaves of sliced bread with Best Before dates of Jan 4, Jan 7, Jan 8 and Jan 10, 2019 that were produced at our facility in St. Johns, NFLD (blue Kwik Lok).  We are recalling the product as a precautionary measure.  There have been no reports of illness related to the consumption of the recalled product or consumer injury complaints.  The products were sold only in NFLD, Canada and all of it has been removed from store shelves.    We have taken every possible precaution to mitigate any potential risk to consumers and required actions to eliminate further occurrences.  We halted production at our St Johns facility and resolved the issue immediately.  We also reviewed Good Manufacturing Practices with all our associates at dedicated meetings.   Consumers can call our hotline at 1-888-269-4393 or visit the CFIA website, for further information. 

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Additional Information:

Look for the UPC number below the bar code on the package.
The format of a code date on a product may vary as you may find a best before date or a production code date. Please provide us with the complete string of numbers / letters that you see on the package. Some examples are 2014 JN 07, AU 12 2303, 090320A, 2401250A13:30.